Is property management really a commodity?

The most profitable customer is the one you already have. This is never more true than in commercial real estate, when replacing customers can cost millions of dollars in lost rent, broker fees, and tenant improvements.  But too often, commercial property owners put too much attention on finding new tenants to fill vacancies and end […]


3 Ways to Make Sure Your Commercial Real Estate Investment Will Pay Off

Investing in commercial real estate is risky. If all goes well, you’ll develop a steady stream of income from your tenants and a building that will appreciate over time. But if something goes wrong, the building becomes a money pit that ends up costing you millions of dollars.  To evaluate the benefits of making an […]


5 Ways to Keep your Tenants Happy

In commercial real estate, keeping tenants happy is the key to a successful investment. It will increase your chances of renewals and could lower your cost of capital. At Culmen Real Estate Services, we earned a record-low interest rate on a property loan because our lender met the tenants and saw how happy they were […]