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4 Big Mistakes Landlords Make When Bringing on New Tenants

If you own commercial real estate, you know that bringing new tenants into your building is both the most exciting and the most frustrating part of managing your investment. Negotiations can string along for months, and the tenant improvement process is full of potential pitfalls. But if you have the right advisors at your side, […]


How much is too much for tenant improvements?

Negotiating a lease with a new tenant can sometimes string out for weeks or even months as the two parties try to reach an agreement about all of the terms. One of the main topics that landlords and tenants will go back and forth on is the tenant improvement allowance.  What is a tenant improvement […]


Are NNN or Full-Service Better For Investment Properties?

When you purchase an investment real estate property, you have to make many decisions. One important decision is whether you will charge a flat rate to tenants and cover all operating expenses yourself, or whether you will charge tenants a lower rent and bill them for expenses.  The first option is usually referred to as […]


5 Ways to Keep your Tenants Happy

In commercial real estate, keeping tenants happy is the key to a successful investment. It will increase your chances of renewals and could lower your cost of capital. At Culmen Real Estate Services, we earned a record-low interest rate on a property loan because our lender met the tenants and saw how happy they were […]