Some of the biggest questions businesses have right now in the time of COVID-19 are about what reopening means for them.

For Culmen Real Estate Services, which specializes in property and asset management, reopening means providing support for businesses and owners to make the best choices for their business, customers and employees to come out of the global pandemic on the other side. 

Culmen, which manages office, medical and retail commercial properties, safety has been the top priority when it comes to discussing what reopening means. 

“We are very concerned about providing and following proper safety protocols for our clients right now,” said Vice President of Asset Management Vern Oakley, who has been working with his team to help businesses navigate the unprecedented time. “Ultimately, we have to comply with the law but take direction from the property owner on how to support businesses reopening.”

To keep the environments up and healthy and safe as possible, Culmen has been working to procure hand sanitizer in the front doors of all buildings, doing what it can to help procure face masks and PPE and ramping up thorough cleaning and keeping everything healthy and safe. Known already for its top-tier reputation as a property manager, now it has become a safety issue, rather than an aesthetics issue to keep buildings in pristine condition.  

Culmen is also looking at what reopening means for businesses who are able to open but not with business as usual, and how they can help owners support businesses having to make quick changes to their business models. 

With social distancing in play, we are looking at how we can work with restaurants to provide enough room between tables, protective areas for employees and enough space to function with new workflows, Oakley said. 

“Businesses are in a difficult position right now to determine what their business will look like today, what it looks like tomorrow and what it might look like a month or a year from now. Everything is substantially different now from what it had been, and we want to be supportive as we can through this time,” Oakley said.